The Magicians

Now retired, the international award winning magicians Bruce & Jennifer Meyers’ performances were known for original beautiful and yet strange shows of baffling magic and off-beat comedy... [ CLICK ]

Keiki Magic Camps

14 years of churning out magicians! See why our Magic Camps usually sold out! [ CLICK ]

Baby Luaus

It was the best 1st Birthday and party shows on the Big Island! At reasonable prices to boot! [CLICK]

Since 1973

When it was crucial that your audience had a really really really good time ...

Bruce and Jennifer Meyers had the long range experience in shows and talent to enhance and lift the fun and Aloha of your event to higher levels.

The Meyers have received several performance awards national and internationally.

For decades they have thrilled audiences at family parties and small celebrations.  They have received countless standing ovations while performing magical full and small stage theatrical productions as well as festivals and community events. The Meyers have performed hundreds of shows for small companies and major corporations such as Microsoft and Nintendo. 

The Meyers' shows designed for Baby Luaus have been acclaimed to be 2nd to none by the families of the Big Island of Hawai'i who have had them entertain their families and guests.




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Click the photo below to see a 2021 Bruce & Jennifer performance of "When Spirits Come To Life"