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We Take Pride....

... in our public performances and party celebration shows of all sizes! To enhance our award winning magic and comedy we offer our beautiful curtained backdrop among other such touches..

There's More....

For smaller parties and large we work with you for the best fit for your group and situations. For larger parties, along with our stand up show Bruce and Jennifer also offer performing small magic and fun stuff from table to table at your Luau either before or after the show and sometimes both! It also gives us a chance to meet everyone in the room which we very much love to do.

Something For Everyone

Job #1 for the Meyers' party and Luau entertainment whether small or large is for everyone attending to have a great time and a lot of fun.

The Meyers' shows designed for Baby Luaus have been acclaimed to be 2nd to none by the families of the Big Island of Hawai'i who have had them entertain their Ohana and guests.

Cruise West audience edited good

Magic and Comedy For All Ages

Our family shows are designed to thoroughly entertain everyone of all ages from 3 to 103. We want everyone to have plenty of laughs and to walk away scratching their heads from the magic.

Besides Bruce and Jennifer another star of the show is Tweets The Magic Chicken  who will be the last thing your audience expects when she appears.

Tweets The Magical Chicken

Imagine their reaction when half way through the show this live Silky Chicken appears from thin air. Just one of countless impossible and funny surprises available for your party.


Let Us Show You

Let us show you why each one of our Luau Birthday clients have told us that there is nothing like our offering on the island.